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Eye Brows

For my first blog entry I am going to pick a subject closest to my heart. It is the subject of eyebrows. Having had bad brows until I went to esthetics school I can sympathize with people who have photos of the 'what was I thinking brows'. Granted the styles of brows have changed significantly over the years you can never go wrong with a well shaped brow that compliments the shape of your face. Compiled below is a small list of brows do's and don'ts that I have acquired in my 20 plus years (who's counting??) in the beauty industry. Do- See a professional For colouring in your brows find a colour that compliments your skin tone and hair colour For a softer look, use a powder and angle brush to shade in your brows (much softer and gives a more natural look) For a stronger brow use a pencil, but make sure you use the spoolie to brush them and soften the lines When tweezing, one hair at a time is the best method Don't- Go for the tadpole shape, if you're unsure see a professional Dye your hair dark and ignore your light eyebrows Tweeze multiple hairs at a time - this is a sure fire way to ruin the shape of your brows Change the shape of the upper line of your brow

Forget about your brows when you have lash extensions I hope this was helpful. If you have any beauty questions please do not hesitate to email me. It might just end up on my blog! Kristen xo

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