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Frequently Asked Questions



Where are you located?
We have a home studio in 150 Mile House just 10 minutes from downtown Williams Lake,! When you book an appointment you will receive an email containing the address and directions!

Do you Travel?
Yes, absolutely! Wedding services within Williams Lake or 150 Mile House include travel, any locations outside of those locations are subject to a travel fee.

What forms of payment do you accept?
For in studio appointments we accept cash, debit tap (up to $100), debit chip & pin (any amount) and all major credit cards. 


How do I prepare for having make-up or hair services?

Please arrive with lightly moisturized, make-up free skin and your hair dry, ready to style. Bringing a couple photos of make-up and/or hair styles you like is always helpful.

How far in advance should I book?
Once a date is gone, it’s gone. So I do recommend checking in on our availability once you have your date. I do require a signed contract and 50% deposit to hold your date.

Do you have a booking minimum?

To book a wedding my minimum booking is 5 services including at least one bridal service, especially enforced on Saturdays during wedding season and all long weekends.

Skin Care

Do you do facials?

Absolutely yes! Dermalogica just calls them Skin Treatments. We address your skin concerns and suggest home care and habits that will prolong the results of your treatment.

How can I prepare for a skin treatment?

Please stop use of any retinol or exfolating products at least 4 days prior. Do not wax your face or neck within 72 hours before your treatment. We'll take care of the rest!

Do you do extractions?

Yes! They can be included in the ProSkin30, 60, Teen, Clear or Back treatments. They are just not done during a peel. 

I’m a first time client, can I book a Peel or a Dermaplaning?

Yes, but if I decide after assessing your skin that it is not ready for an advance treatment then we will just do a regular skin treatment. Then I will offer skin care recommendations to get your skin healthy and ready for a peel or dermaplaning!

How many services can you do?

I can do up to 8 services on my own. Ex: 4 make-up, 4 hair or 2 make-up, 6 hair. If you require more than 8 services I have some other lovely artists who, if they are available, can come and help out to get you and your party done on time!

Is a trial necessary?

I highly recommend them! It gives us time to get to know each other, discuss the wedding day and of course test out the make-up and/or hair styles before the big day. What we envisioned isn’t always what we end up with, so it’s better to find out what you really want before the big day!

How can I prepare for my trial?

Find images of hair and make-up styles that you like on hair and skin tones similar to yours. If you have a veil or any hair pieces bring them with you!

ProPower Peel

Post procedure manual

My skin is super sensitive, can I still book a treatment?

Yes, absolutely! Kristen has super sensitive skin so she is very confidant working with sensitive and sensitized skin!

Will it make me break out?

There is a possibility that you’ll get a spot or two after a treatment, but our main goal is always to reduce and prevent breakouts. We always recommend home care and suggestions to prevent breakouts.  

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